Hungry Mother State Park, VA April 27, 2016

Our motor voyage draws to completion.  We pray for a fair wind to bring us home tomorrow afternoon.  This final pause in the greening mountains of the East reaquaints us with the moist climate of home.  What a contrast to the dry lands of west Texas. 

March 29, 2016 Seminole Canyon TX

The sun is shining and the wind is shaking our rig.  The sky is gray and the sage, acacias, and many herbs are in bloom providing a blue, green, and yellow mosaic of color across the plateau flat and the canyon walls.  Spring is here.

March 19 - D’Hanis Texas (Near San Antonio)

We retired from Laredo yesterday and moved north to this point at the edge of the Texas Hill Country north of the South Texas Plains.  We knew the weather would be cooler and welcomed the cold front that blasted past us last evening bringing wind, heavy rain, and a bit of medium-sized hail. 

March 12 - Falcon Lake TX

Our rig is parked below a Texas Ebony Tree in the campground of Falcon State Park in southern Texas.  This weekend has brought a crowd of mostly fisher families to enjoy the grand reservoir above the Falcon Dam.  The old town of Falcon is long submerged along the old banks of the Rio Grande River.  The new town of Falcon is a bit east of here.  It has never recovered from its relocation.