February - Wurika Lake OK and Portales NM

February 17, 2017

I’m writing at lunch time, but it is an hour later for you.  Besides, I won’t be able to send this note until we have WiFi again somewhere.

We’re camped at Waurika Lake in Oklahoma.  Except here the folks thing of themselves as living in Texoma.  I never heard that term before.  Not sure how widespread an area over which it is applicable. 

February 13, 2017 - Birthday Departure

No, it was not planned.  We were supposed to begin our thousands of miles voyage by land, sea, and air yesterday.  But, an unexpected snow storm prompted us to remain in Brooklyn for an extra day.  That way I got to shovel snow in two states.  It also gave us another day with Elley and Roman.

February 3, 2017 News from the Woods of Brooklyn

I have not posted in too long a time.  Still, this forum is probably a good place to provide news from this spouse of lovely Anne as we embark on a long land voyage, possibly starting a week from tomorrow.  All guidance suggests one never report on travel on-line, but our home security must depend on something other than the world knowing we are mostly not there.

Hungry Mother State Park, VA April 27, 2016

Our motor voyage draws to completion.  We pray for a fair wind to bring us home tomorrow afternoon.  This final pause in the greening mountains of the East reaquaints us with the moist climate of home.  What a contrast to the dry lands of west Texas.