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Christmas rsvp 2014

 Mom Dad 2 hosting about 30 people

Anne Chuck  and family regrets

Norb Susan 2 wine ?

Frank, Beth, Tim, [Chris and Sarah, Brian and Emily?

Mary Helen, Mark, Kara regrets

Mike, Sam, Chloe, Paige,  Vasey and Krish?

Jeff, Ann and Audrey regrets

Patty, Tom, (roast beef  but will be in Chicago missing you  and thinking of you)

 Matt, Jen Billie Charlie, Liam, Elijah 

Dan, Amanda and Milly 

Cathy Bob potatoes (9) Justin Amanda Olivia Natalie Gabriella, Greg and Kait, Doug, Raijah, Zara

Mark Rob Joe 3 Rob set up, Joe cider and cranberry drinks, Mark vegetables--green beans and creamed spinach

Therese , Craig, Tom, MM, James and Genna  6  4 pumpkin pies, 2 apple pies and an assortment of Christmas cookies (mostly spritz).

John, David and Gaby will bring salad,  Karen and Ben will bring something southern  5 Jason and Sarah regrets, 

Margaret, Tony, Emily, Anna and Evan 5 at least and cooking roast beef,  coffee tea and hosting 

Jim Sheila  1 pasta dish, Pam and Sheila will be there for dessert  Melissa Mike Benjy  ?



Will the calendar save our family events year to year or do they need to be added every year on the new calendar year?  I have to add events every year on my google calendar, but the gmail contacts saves birthdays.  This is better but still needs improvement as multiple people often use the same e-mail address.  I am hoping for a calendar where events stay permanently year to year.

More Irish Music Please!

More Irish Music Please!

gallery versus image web site

How do I add pictures to gallery and create new gallery albums