April 30, 2017 - Inland Passage AK

I report on our three day day sea voyage from Bellingham WA to Juneau AK.  It is called inland but we crossed two open water areas.  The first was merely rough.  During the second the ship climbed great swells and dropped its bow with a groan.  The next wave crashed against the bow and sent sheets of spray across the bow and over the windows of the observation deck.  At least one wave must have drenched the windows of the bridge above. 

April 27 - Bellingham WA

The rain has stopped and it is 54 degrees in northeastern Washington.  Lately it has been warmer in Alaska.  Good thing we depart by ferry for Juneau tomorrow evening.  Will arrive May 1st.  Hard to believe the time has come.  We called to find that the snow is gone from the coast.  That was great news.  Ten years ago we arrived to find it reaching the shore.

April 23, 2017 - Bonney Lake WA

Raining this afternoon and rather cool.  We’ve become hardened for Alaska.  Still we had one fabulously clear day traveling from near Mt. Hood to here at the foot of Mt. Rainier.  At first had the one snowball in our rear view mirror and later faced the somewhat ominous Rainier looming in front of us.

April 16, 2017 - Eugene OR

We are camped in the Pacific Northwest.  The natives complain that spring refuses to come.  Weather continues cold and rainy despite the cherry and tulip blossoms.  The rivers are flush and the ground soggy.  After a few days of gray fog I became depressed.  Then, arriving here after leaving Ashland OR the sun emerged and cheer returned.