Let me know what you think


I am trying to see whether this is powerful enough to replace the Nucleus blog.

Let me have your comments. This program is very easy to use so don't get scared. You can post something like this in a few minutes time.

You can set up your own blog (journal). Mom Woods -- is this you? Or you can comment on another blog like Anne and Chuck's.

Or you can check family addresses in the forums. You can also submit or check recipies. Or make comments on family events (like who is cooking what for the next holiday). Or set up your own forum on whatever interests you (Norb I have you in mind for this in particular -- opinions on world events, rugs, silver, antiques, etc.).

You can post pictures in a galley here (in which case you can put pictures in your blog) or you can post them to the Gallery program which is available via the link at the header in the home page.

Or you can upload and post a document that you want other members of the family to be able to access (like the addresses).

But to do this you need to apply for a user name and password.

If you have questions, please feel free to shoot me an email or give me a call.