Our 25th Wedding Anniversary

Dear Family,

Please celebrate our 25th with us on Sat., Oct. 7, 2006 at the pavilion at Moreau State Park near Glens Falls, NY.
We would like to encourage everyone to camp the whole 3-day weekend with us or just enjoy the day. Plan on bringing your canoes, kayaks, fishing poles, bicycles and walking shoes. We will send out invitations at a later date. Hope you can come.

Monday Feb 6

Back from New York City. Wonderful evening with MH and Mark D. We met at Vino, a wine store in NYC on 27th (Pk and Lex). Tasted some wines from Fruli (near Venice) and some Brunellos. Then went across the street to one of our favorite restaurants, owned by the same guy as Vino, called
I Trulli. The name is from stone huts in the countryside in Puglia, the boot of Italy.

Appetizers of braised scallops, octapus, and salad. Entries of Bronzino (like sea bass), rolled Veal, and dumplings (small like pasta) and Shrimp.

Great time!

sat. night we two went to the Opera at Lincoln Center and saw La Traviata. Wonderful performance.


Thank you everyone for our anniversary greetings. We are enjoying this happy day with Chuck and Anne. Tonight we will go to dinner at The Lighthouse, near the causeway with a jazz band. Hope you are all having a happy day too.

Congratulations David on your swimming records. Good luck. Love to all. Grandpa and Grandma

Amateur Blogger : )

Hi everyone,

I am getting ready to graduate soon, in August, and join the masses in earning my keep. This semester is pretty taxing, we are doing 12 hour clinical rotations at New York Presbyterian hospital in the city.

The people we are working with have so many chronic illnesses and sometimes it is a little overwhelming. But the gratitude and hope I see in their eyes reminds me why we fight every day...to live one more day...to love one more day...because of our family and the people whom we care for and who love us in return.

Take care everyone...love and hugs to all.